How to Make It Easier For Your Kids to Face Death of Their Beloved Pet


Death always brings grief to us. Losing someone close to us, will always create an emptiness which we try to cope and move on as time passes by. For adults, it is relatively easier to deal with because at different point of time, we have faced death experience of people close to us and hence, via experience, we somewhat have an idea about how to get back to our normal life as time passes by.

But this isn’t true for kids. Death of the pet can be the first experience of death for them with whom they were close to. While some kids can handle it relatively well, other kids, somewhat faces big difficulties while coping up with it.


For most kids, death means temporary loss. They imagine that, their beloved pet just went to some other place and will be back in no time. Even us parents, who tries to soften the blow to the kids, many times, we tell that, they are just sent to the farm where they will meet their friends and be lived happily ever after. But it does come with a consequence that, while trying to soften the blow, we somewhat encourage denial procedure which can have a bigger impact later in life.

First and foremost, holding a memorial service, especially if held by trusted experts like, is easy way to ease up the process for your kids. If you are burying the pet, then make the kids involved in it so that, by doing something for the deceased pet, they feel that there is some level of tribute which has been done in the honor of the pet.


If they want to cry, then be there to support them. Some parents do ignore this part and believe that it’s just a pet and the kids are overreacting. But the thing is, you can’t measure the emotional level that your kid had with the pet and hence, though it may seem irrelevant to you, it can be the most important aspect of their life. Never ignore these emotions. Rather be a part of it by sharing the moments with them. The kids will feel comfort and their confidence on you will be more than ever.

Help them making something creative out of remembrance from the deceased pet. It can be a painting drawn by them reflecting the most memorable moment that they shared with the pet. Encourage them for it. It will teach them another way to express emotions and hence, further healing up the grief. If someone wants to write a story, help them while constructing it. It can be beneficial in many different ways including how to portray emotions in papers.

But there will be rare times, when the grief will be more than the kid can handle. Though you are trying your best, the kid may even get stuck in a zone and neither he himself nor you can get him out from there. In those moments, don’t hesitate to seek professional help because ignoring these can lead to devastating measures.