How to Take Care of Your Wooden Dinnerware?


Wooden dinnerware sets are growing in popularity with their practical and economic use. This type of dinnerware is safe for the environment while at the same time provides a unique and stylish look to your dining table. Maintenance and care for wooden dinnerware however, plays a bit different when compared to their other dinnerware counterparts like Slateplate. Let us look at how you can keep your wooden dinnerware in good working condition.


Maintenance and Care for Wooden Dinnerware

It should be noted that wooden dinnerware is not dishwasher safe, as any natural wood product. The same can also be said with regards to microwave use. For that matter, it is important that you clean them directly through handwashing with the use of soap and water. Be sure to use warm water and avoid scrubbing them too vigorously with soap as it can cause damages to your dinnerware.

It is also vital that you make sure to keep your wooden dinnerware dry before and after use. Wood tends to absorb water and moist build up can ruin its composition. Dry your wooden dinnerware with towel and leave them overnight to ensure to water is left.


The quality of wooden dinnerware can fade over time especially when used on a regular basis. If you notice a drop of quality with their look and feel, don’t hesitate to rub the likes of mineral oil or olive oil to your dinnerware items to maintain their gloss. Let the oil soak in 30 minutes then wipe off the excess.

A good way to control bacteria growth with your wooden bowls and wood utensils is through the use of white vinegar. Wet your wooden dinnerware thoroughly with a mixture of 1-part white vinegar with 5 parts water and then rinse them with warm water and let it air dry. This in turn helps keeps your wooden dinnerware clean and safe for your family and guests to use.


You may be tempted to use some of your wooden dinnerware as cutting boards but refrain from doing so. Eating on and the use of knife and fork is what wooden plates are generally designed for so make sure to avoid such practice.

Wooden dinnerware with proper care and maintenance will be able to last a considerable period of time. Consider the tips mentioned in this article to help you care for your wooden dinnerware to maximize their use.