These Styling Hacks Will Make You Look Taller

Short girls face a lot troubles when they have to deal with the word “fashion”. And yes, it is one of the most irritating things to listen when someone says, “you’re looking short with this dress”. We know how it feels when you have to hear that. So we are bringing you these simple hacks to make you look taller—

  • Start tucking your t-shirt – If you are wearing a too long t-shirt then it might make you look chubby and short. Try tucking your t-shirt and make sure it doesn’t cover your zipper.
  • Make sure to cuff your jeans – Cuffing your jeans doesn’t only make you look trendy but it will also make you look a bit tall and slim in a natural way. Make sure you tuck your t-shirt a bit. In case you are opting for a baggy boyfriend-jeans look then make sure your t-shirt is skinny and tucked in nicely. It will give you a cleaner look.
  • Add belts to your dress – Adding belts to your dress (in case if it has cross-seam) will flaunt your curve naturally. It helps your legs look long and that makes you look super sexy.
  • Try blazers – When you are wearing boxy shirts, it might make your shoulders look really broader and huger than they actually are. Try blazers or jackets in order to get rid of the situation. That will make you look slimmer and also beautiful as usual.
  • Cuff the long sleeves – If you are wearing long sleeves then make sure cuff the long sleeves. Smaller girls really get eaten away with the long sleeve’s fabrics. Cuffing the sleeves will make you look better.
  • Wear fitted dress – Wearing clothes bigger than your size is a big no! That really makes you look much huger than you actually are.

Try these out and you can thank us later!